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Patlabor 2, a City's future
(January, 1996, 5kb, illustrated)
Some thoughts about the climax point of the Patlabor series...
1945 - In memoriam
(End of summer, 1995, 6kb, illustrated)
Grave of the fireflies and Barefoot Gen shall help nowadays' youngsters understand the atrocities of a war...
Orange Road, I want to return to that day
(January, 1996, 4kb, illustrated)
Some thoughts about the climax po... Oops, that's the same thing ;-)
Cobra, the movie
(January, 1996, 5,5kb, illustrated)
Osamu Dezaki used all of his talents to produce this wonderful piece of pure emotion...
The Rose of Versailles
(Autumn 1995, 13kb, illustrated)
Lady Oscar will stay forever in our hearts... We will never forget her and André's sad story...

The first days of Nadia (1993, illustrated)
A quick review of the first scenario written for The secret of Blue Water...
Nadia Episodes 1-22 (1997)
The first episodes of the adventures of Jean and Nadia aboard the Nautilus...
Nadia Episodes 23-39 (1997)
What is the truth of Human origins ? Nadia's secrets revealed at last...
Biography of Leiji Matsumoto (1994, illustrated)
Leiji Matsumoto is the famous author of Galaxy Express 999, Captain Harlock and Queen Millenia... Do you want to know more about him ?
Cyber Formula (end of 1995, 4kb)
Our Formula One champions' legacy is in their spirit... Run, Hayato !
AD Police (Autumn 1995, 7,5kb) Hyoga (from Saint Seiya)
Akira fans will love for sure Tony Takezaki's best manga, introducing the Bubblegum Crisis saga...
Robot Carnival (Autumn 1995, 5,5kb)
The Wizard Of Oz is back and this time he really can give a soul and a heart to a lifeless robot !
Sailor Moon (Summer, 1995, 10kb)
The queen of the animated sentai is even more silly than she's powerful... Do you really think she can save our world ?!
Shirahime shô (July of 1995, 6kb)
One of the purest jewels in the world of Clamp... Do you want to believe the legend of the White Princess ?
Forbidden feelings... [essay] (1994, 34,5kb !)
Homosexuality is a recurrent theme in the shoujo manga world... Only ? Maybe not...
Hi no tori, Hôô-hen (Winter, 1994, 13kb)
The Phoenix (Hi no tori), one of Osamu Tezuka's major works, will now share with you a part of its infinite wisdom...
Gundam (introduction) (1994)
An introduction to a 160kb multi-part article about Gundam. The problem is that, actually, well, this very article is only available in French... So, this article is, well, frankly useless... There's also in English an even more useless article about the military ranks in Gundam...
Victory Gundam (1994)
One of the most interesting Gundam series, and my favorite one...
From music to animation [essay] (1994) Sammi Cheng
This article is a general view of the kind of relations between well known composers from Japan who are not specialized in animation, and those famous anime, that they often dramatically improve by adding them their most beautiful melodies. There is much more to say about these relations, much more examples to give, but... I'll let you discover the rest by yourself...

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