> Cyber Namida Meiwaku 1.0 -- Private Beta 1

Hi you ! Maybe you're a satisfied user of Kyodai Mahjongg ? Maybe you want something else for a change ? Okay, sorry for you, I haven't released anything yet... I've made exactly four other projects on the PC, apart from Kyodai : Shinden/Dragon Seed (in Turbo Pascal... It was supposed to be a large-scale RPG, but after six months of work I simply couldn't work on it anymore), and three projects in Delphi : Calysto (a database to Web converter, used for my encyclopedia), T. Attack (based on the SNES game "Panel de Pon"... I made it in one day and could very possibly integrate it into Kyodai in the future), and Meiwaku, a jigsaw puzzle game which was "ordered" by RomTech, Inc. but they never bought it. Tthey didn't write back for six months, after which they released Jigsaw Galore... Which isn't a bad puzzle game at all, so I stopped working on it.

Meiwaku means "confusion" in Japanese. It took me relatively not much time to create this version (about one week, as for the first version of Kyodai). There are still some missing features (real Jigsaw pieces instead of simple squares, rotating pieces...), and hopefully one day I'll want to add them and release a public version...

Latest additions to the private beta :
- Switched from MDI to SDI architecture. It simplifies my code but adds other problems.
- Added rotation code. Slows down the loading process, but now it's closer to a real jigsaw puzzle :-)
- Removed the toolbar. It was quite useless and now it makes more room on the screen for the puzzle.
- Allows the user to choose his own bitmap file as a puzzle.

Cyber Namida was created and designed by René-Gilles Deberdt. All rights reserved.