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Cyber Namida's host servers...

Animanga (in Switzerland), with many other Anime services for fans.
Mygale (in France), a network of free homepages...

Favorite English-speaking sites...

Anime Web Turnpike: the best place to find easily every other anime-site ! (mirror site in Finland)
Psycho Shounen Homepage: Yohko's excellent site talks about dozens of
very interesting subjects... Bronze, To-y, Video Girl, Chrono Trigger or JoJo...
Her site also features a large quantity of multimedia files... Several hundreds of megabytes !
Episode lists: the perfect site for the fans like me who can read japanese
and love to know the titles of every episode for over 120 series ! Incredible !
Ming's Anime Page: another great fan page, with many different subjects...
EX: Cyber Namida's big brother. You can't miss it, it's the best webzine ever !
AM Plus: EX's previous form. Only three issues, but you can't miss them either.
Animecca: another great webzine for the anime-fans. Cyber Namida was one of
its Anime Sites of the day in november of 1996.
Hong Kong Center: the paradise of the HK pop-culture fans !
Gainax, official site. A very cool work, congratulations !
Evangelion: Evangelion's official site, made by Gainax themselves.
Nadia: the ultimate site for the Nadia fans. Don't miss it !
Square: a great fan site about Square Soft and their games !
Illucia: the imaginary world of a Final Fantasy fan...
Marc Espie SM Page : the French Sailor Moon resource page.
Anime Picture Archive: the famous archive, with thumbnails.
Venice-TCP: the best FTP site, with ten gigabytes of pictures.
Sunet.se: a Venice-TCP FTP mirror site for Europeans.
Rabi/Kujaku: Clamp fans, and many others, will love this one !
Ghibli Internet World: the official Ghibli site, in Japanese.
Dictionnaire japonais: a Japanese-English dictionary (in Japan)
Dictionnaire japonais: the same thing, but in Canada this time.
Lucas Arts: don't you like the Monkey Island saga ? I do !
Hong Kong Movies: the Hong Kong cinema reference.
Internet Movie Database: the World cinema reference !

Some newsgroups...

fr.rec.anime : discussion in French about anime and manga.
rec.arts.anime.misc : the same, in English.
rec.arts.anime.fandom : the same, for fans.
Check out the anime newsgroups (courtesy of CohProg)

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